Gyno-X injections

This Skinny blonde is Sindy. She’s 20 years old and came in for some gyno-x injections and a medical exam. We started with a mouth exam, a physical investigation, and then moved to the serious business. Meaning, we exam her tits at first then her vagina and ass. The best thing in this update are is the injection and of course the powerful orgasm in the end. IF you wanna see some kinky babes farting in their men’s faces, check out the website!

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Gyno X – Aneta

This sweet teen goes to a routine gyno x exam and the doctor and his assistant are running lots of tests on sweet Aneta who is not feeling comfortable at all. Watch as she gets a boob check, her pussy gets inspected with a speculum then she gets a douche and when she thinks that its all over the doctor slides his finger up in her tight ass! if you wanna see some sexy models getting bounded, check out the modelstied website! Have fun, guys!


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Hard gyno exam

In this next gyno x scene we have a cute babe who has to go through a hard gyno exam because there is a new doctor in the clinic who wants to make sure that she is completely fine and good to go. First he asks her to get completely naked, then her pussy gets checked with speculum, following by a douche and live heartbeat exam At the end he slides his finger deep inside her tight virgin ass! For similar material, enter the infernal restraints blog! Have fun!


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Gyno X – Stethoscope and pussy check

Our next gyno x patient is a hot redhead who is going to get her pussy and ass closely checked out and inspected with speculums and stethoscope. Then the doctor is going to stretch out her insides and holes with his fingers and finally he is going to rub her pussy making her cum! If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, you can join the site and see some hot babes in leather outfits getting kinky!


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Gyno X – Naughty nurse

When the doctor is not in the gyno x clinic the nurses are going wild and crazy! Check out this scene and see these horny nurses getting naked and playing the doctor as they inspect each other’s pussy using speculums and all kind of medical devices. Then they lick out each other’s pussy until they explode in powerful orgasm. If you want to see some slutty chicks soaking their panties, join the blog! Enjoy!


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Hot blonde gets a gyno exam

You can tell that she is a little slut just by looking at her face! This hot blonde came to gyno x for a routine check but she is going to get a lot more then that, she is going to go through a hard gyno exam and her insides are closely inspected by the doctor. Watch as she gets a douche and then her pussy gets fingered to orgasm! If you liked this scene and you want to see some kinky sluts getting their pussies examined, join the house of taboo site!


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White Gloves and A Wet Pussy

We are back with another special examination from Gyno X. Today you are in for a treat because we brought you this smoking hot babe that’s ready to her pussy examined. She was feeling weird in the last few days so she made an appointment for a consultation. She heard funny things about the doctor she was going to from her friends, but she thought they were joking and messing with her head. So she went there and of course her doctor was in a hurry so they had to move faster. She thought that her doctor was looking weird at her but didn’t gave to much thought into it. So she undressed and unlike the other doctors she wasn’t covered with nothing and from no where her doctor started fingering her pussy, well that’s almost normal because her doctor was still looking at her funny so she got a bit scared. If you liked this you should visit GloveMansion for more hot scene! Well we hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll be back with more scene for you next time. Until then enjoy the entire gallery with this cutie getting her pussy examined!

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Special JB Examination

We have another hottie here for her monthly check out. Well she’s up for a surprise because our doctor ended up trying all kind of things on her, beside fingering her holes in the same time. Our hottie of the day had some unprotected sex in these last few weeks and when you end up fucking with a random guy in a club’s bathroom without a condom you definitely have to go to a examination to be sure. So she booked a date with her gyno, but she wasn’t in town so the next doctor took her in. It was weird for her to change doctors but after all she passed thru everything he had in mind with brio. She ended up getting both of her holes fingered at once and of course got them spread wide open as well. If you liked this scene you must check out for hottest chicks. See you next time, but until then enjoy the entire gallery.

hot chicks gets examened

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